It is a very good idea to have a chart showing how great your campaign is performing. However, collecting this data each and every month, using it to create charts, and writing reports can be time-consuming.

To help you create reports easily and quickly, many clients monitoring KPIs usually use marketing reporting tools to help them. This reduces the amount of time used to gather data and create reports, therefore, creating more time for building high-performing campaigns.

Marketing Reporting Tools for Agencies

1) Megalytic

Megalytic enables you to import your data easily from sources such as Facebook, Google Analytics, Adwords, a CSV file, etc. as it provides templates. This tool has a library of widgets including Adwords conversions, e-commerce sales by geography, social referrals, etc. which can help you add more in depth details to your reports.

Apart from this, you can set up reports which will automatically be sent to a specific list of people and then track to make sure they land in the recipient’s inbox.

2) Autographic Insight

Autographic Insight is a UK-based company that specializes in creating a customized report for your marketing reporting. Their software has the ability to pull in data from a wide number of sources to create a highly customized report that allows you to make sense of all the data and present it in a way that is understandable and useful to the client.

Services provided for with Autographic Insight include PPC Reporting, SEO Reporting, and Social Media Reporting.

3)Raven Tools

Raven tools are ideal for those clients and agencies who need a few more features. There is a research center whose task is to analyze your competition or target sites. Raven tools are also for scheduling social media sites and have an SEO auditor and tracker used for link building campaigns.

The marketing agencies can also use this tool to analyze their client’s website to help them compare it with the competitors. This will help the agency compare domain authority, backlinks, page speed, load time and other metrics.

The report feature usually has a drag drop functionality making it easy to add the tests results and research performed.

4) TapAnalytics

With the help of more than 100 service providers, this tool can pull in data easily and quickly without the need of an IT pro or support team. There are widgets used by agencies to drill down into certain metrics to help identify problem areas or show the client’s how they can improve their marketing efforts.

All these are tailored to the specific needs of the client. This tool also gives user permissions and roles which protect the client’s data from unauthorized people. Agencies can create an overview dashboard showing all the clients in one screen.

This will make it easy to determine the problem areas and know those areas which need extra attention. It can also be fully white-labeled and provide a feature for adding a service charge to a client’s campaign.

5) Wordsmith for Marketing

Wordsmith for Marketing converts analytics data into written reports which highlight the results of your digital marketing efforts. The agency connects to Google Analytics or Adwords accounts and then schedule reports to be sent to the client’s account manager.

During this review, the agency can add any notes or suggestions on the areas that need improvements before sending it to the client. Wordsmith for Marketing is created by Automated Insights.

6) DataHero

DataHero integrates with cloud services such as GitHub, ZenDesk, Eventbrite, etc. This will help the marketing agency customize reporting to specific campaign needs of their clients. This reporting tools enables the agency upload data or choose which data to import.

It also gives suggestion on the right charts to be used to visualize data. With DataHero you can manipulate and add data to the chart making it easy for the agency to create thoughtful and useful charts for their clients.

Top 6 Tools Agencies Use to Create Marketing Reports for Clients